Passenger Information System for Metro Trains

The Siemens Passenger Information System for metro trains creates an intelligent interieur that serves the passengers needs but also reduces dwell times. It shows relevant information before the arrival at the next station. The key innovation is the display of a door-specific wayfinding graphic for the upcoming station above each door. Features such as the dynamic network map take advantage of a real-time generated graphic, that provides information related to the progress oft he journey. Online departure time updates make sure, passengers know, if they need to hurry before the doors open. Informations regarding disruptions are shown as they occur and only on trains that are affected. The system especially supports passengers who use barrier-free ways. The exits and all ways to further connections that are equipped with elevators are labelled appropriately. In case the elevators are temporary out of service the information is shown before the passenger leaves the train. The Passenger Information+ is based on the concept of ambient information.

Project Duration: September 2013 – ongoing

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