Dynamic and reactive information and wayfinding system for the railway station of the future

Brief Description

In addition to its function as a national, international and regional transport hub, railway stations are increasingly serving as shopping centres. This places high demands on a comprehensive, universally understandable guidance and information system. The aim of the project „Dirigent“ for the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) is to create a holistic „Passenger Information System 4.0“ which combines a „Directional guidance sytem 4.0“ with an „Infopoint 4.0“. In a user centred design process, information and interaction concepts are implemented prototypically and functionally in several iterations. The project includes as well the evaluation of the user experience and feasibility. In consultation with ÖBB a detailed description of the information requirements will be defined in regarding various technical solutions. As a result of the project, a concept of the future „Passenger Information System 4.0“ will be available with the aim of making the railway station easily accessible for as many user groups as possible.

Project partners:

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
IMPACT Design GmbH