Team is dealing with diverse topics in the field of safety critical interface design. To serve the needs of different industries, collaborates with various experts and partners. Tailored solutions, that demand a broad industry domain knowledge in combination with digitalization and design expertise, can only be achieved with an accordingly skilled team. To provide the proper team for the costumers challenges, cooperates with experienced independent experts as well as with partner companies. 

Tanja Tomic
Analyst, Strategist & Designer

Ewald Neuhofer
Industrial Designer

Leonhard Lass
UX Specialist

Damir Lakos
Maritime Consultant
Deep Sea Pilot, North Sea
licensed by Trinity House London

Vova Shevchyk
Digitalization Consultant
Industrial IoT, Predictive Maintenance
Managing Partner, company indeema

Markus Leopold
Special-purpose engineering Consultant
CEO | CVO, company indat

Alexander Duelli
Master Student (supervision by Tanja Tomic)
Public Transportation / User Experience Design
Topic: „Impact of emerging technologies on the user experience design of ticketing processes within the sector of public transportation“